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Break the Cycle of Environmental Health Disparities 12

RESILIENCE - THE Phenomenon of Overcoming Adversity

APRIL 24-25, 2017

Join us as we explore the role of resilience in promoting success for children vulnerable to harmful environmental circumstances. Speakers and presenters will examine how exposure to adverse environmental factors can negatively impact child health, growth and development and look at solutions to breaking this cycle.


Andrew Geller, PhD, MS

Deputy Director

Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Research roadmap: science and scientific gaps to help address different aspects of environmental justice


the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress.


  • Impact of incarceration of mothers on children
  • Drug exposed infants

  • Early life housing and child behavioral health

  • Coordinated care for high risk infants

  • DDT and neurodevelopmental outcomes

  • Interactive lead hazard education

  • Urban farming and youth development

Ruth Eztel, MD PhD, Director, Office of Children's Health Protection, United States Environmental Protection Agency

Natalie Hernandez, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Post-Doc Fellow, Prevention Research Center, Center of Excellence on Health Disparities, Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine, Morehouse School of Medicine

Jessica Spraggins, M.P.H., CCPH Health Education Specialist,  , Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (DHDSP), Centers for Disease Control and Protection

Lucy Hall, B.S., NCAC, CASAC, CEO and Founder, Mary Hall Freedom House

Mel Konner, MD, PhD, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor, Department of Anthropology,

Program in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, Emory University



Home, Belonging and the Incarcerated Mother: A Study on the Effects of Mass Incarceration on Children’s Behavioral Health Outcomes

Tatenda Mangurenje, student, Peter Brown, PhD, mentor, Departments of Anthropology and Global Health, Emory University, Atlanta GA

Break the Cycle of Environmental Health Disparities 12 BTCHD

Factors Affecting the Length of Stay in Drug Exposed Infants Admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Pratibha Agarwal, MD, student, David Wood, MD, MPH, mentor, Department of Pediatrics, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City TN

Impact of Early Life housing on child behavior at Age Seven

Abby Gaylord, student, Julie Herbstman, PhD, Department of Environmental Health Sciences, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University, New York City NY

A Silver Lining for High-Risk Infants:  Coordinated Care for Children    0-32 Months

Lea Redd, student, Bree Andrews, MD, MPH, Department of Pediatrics—Neonatology, The University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago IL

Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Recent Exposure to DDT in Children of Selected Communities of Zambia  

Nosiku Munyinda, student, Charles Michelo, BSc, MBChB, MPH, MBA, PhD, Mentor, Department of Public Health, University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia

Racial Disparities in Access to Municipal Water Supplies in the American South: Impacts on Children’s Health

Frank Stillo, student, Jackie McDonald Gibson, PhD, mentor, Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill NC

Interactive Educational Lead Hazards Class to Children at the Boys and Girls Club in Metro Atlanta - Pilot 

Catherine Evans, Amrita Mahtani, Sam Peters, Patrick Fueta, students; W. Michael Caudle, PhD, mentor, Department of Environmental Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta GA

The Role of Social Support and Adolescent's Mothers Breastfeeding Practices in North Carolina 

Colleen Clark, student, Kimberly Price, PhD, MCHES, mentor, Public Health Program, Center for Graduate Studies at Asheville, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Asheville  NC

The Effectiveness of a Community-Based Program of Nutrition Education and Physical Activity to Decrease Health Disparities of Childhood Obesity

Hope Bentley, student, Jannett Lewis-Clark, MOT, OTD, OTR/L, CLT, mentor, Department of Nursing and Allied Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, Tuskegee University, Tuskegee AL

Urban Farming as a Model for Positive Youth Development

Luis Torres, student, Cappy Collins, MD, mentor, Department of Public Health,  Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, New York City NY

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