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1st Annual Virtual Conference:
Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities in Africa

JULY 17+18 2024 
Hosted by:​
Centre for Children’s Environmental Health of South Africa
School of Public Health, University of Zambia
Break the Cycle of Health Disparities Inc.

Amanda Mbikwana

Centre for Children’s Environmental Health of South Africa
Stellenbosch Cape Town South Africa

We are proud to launch the Break the Cycle Africa project to provide a platform for students from universities in Africa to showcase their research that breaks the cycle of children’s environmental health disparities at one or more points in the cycle.


We invited interested students (including those who have recently graduated) to submit research proposal for the Break the Cycle of Children’s Health Disparities Africa by for consideration.


Students at universities in all countries in Africa who have done research projects involving children’s health and the environment were invited.

Projects will be listed here.

Trainee Projects

Mwitwa Mugode

The University of Zambia, School of Public Health

Lead Pollution Exposure and Impact on Environmental Health
Seyed Faleeha Teezan

Thassim Beevi Abdul Kader College for Women Kilakarai

Green Learning Hubs: Fostering Sustainable Education for African Children
Charlotte Mokoatle

University of Johannesburg

Lead Contaminated Soil Exposure in Communities Nearby Mine Dumps Remain Harmful to Children’s Environmental Health
Sunnieboy Njikho

University of Johannesburg

Evaluation of the Prevalence of Schistosomiasis Amongst School-Aged Children in Low- and Middle-Income Communities: Ehlanzeni District Municipality, South Africa, 2015-2021
Hayley Kimberlynn Langley

Cape Peninsula University of Technology

The Influence of Training on Food Handlers’ Hygiene Knowledge and Practices in the National School Nutrition Programme of a Cape Winelands Sub-district Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa
Ammira Nyiko Mlangeni

University of Johannesburg

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Food Safety and Hygiene among Food Handlers in Primary and Secondary Schools: Nkowankowa Circuit, Limpopo
Francesca Raoelison

Brown University

Breaking the Cycle of Emotional Abuse for Youth and Children in Madagascar
Merisha Babulall

University of Johannesburg

Determining the Level of Food Safety Practices at Registered Early Childhood Development Centres within the Ethekwini Communities
Shalubala Goodson

The University of Zambia, School of Public Health

Cookstove Technologies and Children Safety; a Case of Indoor Air Pollution and Burns in Selected Townships of Lusaka
Beatrice C Mutai

University of Nairobi

Prevalence and Cofactors for Cognitive Stimulation Among Mothers of Infants Living in Nairobi, Kenya.
Angelina Uzor

East Tennessee State University

Climate Literacy and Children’s Health in Nigeria: Integrating Climate Literacy to Address Children’s Environmental Health Disparities
Onyinyechi Bede-Ojimadu

Kampala International University, Uganda

Exposure to Environmental (Chemical and Biological) Hazards and Children Undernutrition: A Scoping Review
Amarachi Paschaline Onyena

Nigeria Maritime University, Okerenkoko, Delta State, Nigeria

Lactational Exposure of Human Infants to Metal(loid)s: a Comparison Between Sub-Saharan Africa and Mediterranean Europe.

Keynote Speakers

The Impact of Rising Ambient Temperatures on the Physical and Mental Health of Children in Africa – Actions to Eliminate Threats and Improve Health
  • PhD (Preventive and Social Medicine)

  • Chief Specialist Scientist: Environment and Health Research Unit

  • Lead: Climate Change and Human Health Research Programme

  • South African Medical Research Council


  • Extraordinary Professor: Department of Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology, University of Pretoria

  • Visiting Professor: Department of Environmental Health, University of Johannesburg

The Equity Lens: Implications for Environmental Health Research and Practice 
  • Snr. Science Advisor

  • Policy and Analysis Division | Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights

  • US Environmental Protection Agency

Profile Picture 2.png

Food and Nutrition Insecurity Amongst Children Across Africa


Director, Centre for Ecological Intelligence, 

Faculty of Engineering 

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Jpeg MR.png

How is Climate Change a Threat Multiplier in Africa


Senior Vice President of Justice and Equity 

Environmental Defense Fund. 

Currently, she is implementing a strategy at EDF to integrate environmental justice into organizational processes, policies, and work around the globe.

Questions on project ideas or program details can be directed to our Break the Cycle Coordinator, Ximena Guillen at
or to Break the Cycle Director, Leslie Rubin MD at

Please regsister to attend the conference.
You will receive a zoom link a few days before the conference.


Public Health: International Aspects on Environment and Health


This volume presents the set of Break the Cycle projects that look at the international stage. Environmental conditions and health disparities are universal and represent a challenge for our global village. We hope to see many more students assist with this program in different international settings. The students are, after all, our future; our work is a preparation for them to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Poverty, disadvantage, disease and disability are all global challenges. This global picture has been captured in the Millennium Development Goals 2015, which came out of the Millennium Summit in September 2000, the largest gathering of world leaders in history. We now have the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide our efforts for the next couple of decades.

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