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Each year, students and faculty from a variety of colleges and universities participate in developing projects that will Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities to promote health equity for all children.


The students present their projects at annual national conferences, and the results are published in international journals and a book series.
Over the years, There have been many student projects from Latin America and Africa.


We are in the process of partnering with colleagues in Zambia and South Africa to establish a Break the Cycle Africa program with a virtual conference, planned for July 17 & 18 2024.
Save the date and watch this space for details.

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1st Annual Virtual Conference:
Break the Cycle of Children’s Environmental Health Disparities in Africa

JULY 17+18 2024 
Hosted by:​
Centre for Children’s Environmental Health of South Africa
School of Public Health, University of Zambia
Break the Cycle of Health Disparities Inc.

Public Health: International Aspects on Environment and Health


This volume presents the set of Break the Cycle projects that look at the international stage. Environmental conditions and health disparities are universal and represent a challenge for our global village. We hope to see many more students assist with this program in different international settings. The students are, after all, our future; our work is a preparation for them to make the world a better place for generations to come.

Poverty, disadvantage, disease and disability are all global challenges. This global picture has been captured in the Millennium Development Goals 2015, which came out of the Millennium Summit in September 2000, the largest gathering of world leaders in history. We now have the UN Sustainable Development Goals to guide our efforts for the next couple of decades.

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